Fundraising doesn't need to be stressful, that's why we have put together an easy 'Step by Step' process for you.


It's so simple...


Step 1

Register either online or call our Freecall number 1800 001 669


Step 2

We send you all you need to make it a successful fundraiser including colourful easy to read brochures and easy step by step payment of your orders.


Step 3

You distribute the Brochures to the participants involved. They do the selling for you using the beautifully presented brochures, taking the pressure off you.


Step 4

You collect all the forms, and money by the due date, you keep your share of the money from your organisation's sales and send the rest back in the pre-paid envelope provided.


Step 5

We courier deliver your complete order to you for one flat rate of $25 Australia wide. All individually labeled with seller's name and buyer's name. No counting, no sorting, no packing orders or labeling for hours (or days!) - it all comes complete.


Step 6

You distribute the individually labeled orders and the job is done ...It's that easy.



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