We have the answers to many of the questions that come up when running a Fundraiser. Some questions are specific to Fundraising Plus and others are general advice for any fundraising activity. If you cannot find the question you want answered please contact us.


Q1: Is there a minimum bulb order for our organisation to receive their $$ profit?

 Yes. All orders must be $200 or over for your organisation to received their profit. If orders are smaller than this you will be charged their full retail price and your organisation will not receive their percentage. This should not be hard to achieve for smaller organisations as the sales from this program generally range between $1000 and $6000.


Q2: Does our organisation need to pay upfront for anything?

No. At Garden Express Fundraising our fundraising program costs your organisation absolutely nothing to run. Payment for goods only needs to be made when you are sending in your bulb order, plus your $25 courier fee. You only need to forward to Garden Express Fundraising our percentage of profit made, and you keep your percentage.


Q3: What percentage profit does our organisation get?

Garden Express Fundraising gives you an industry leading 40% profit for all sales of $200-$999 and 50% on sales $1000 and over . With one high profit percentage over all products your big profit will be very easy to calculate.


Q4: Are late orders accepted?

Orders are generally not able to be accepted after the closing date, but it is always a good idea to check with our friendly staff on 1800 001 669 if you have any concerns about not meeting the program deadline.


Q5: How do we go about getting Brochures/order forms?

Simply fill out the registration form either online, or request an information pack and find the registration form enclosed, send or fax it to us at Garden Express Fundraising with the quantity of brochures your organisation requires. We will then send your required number of brochures to you ASAP. It's as simple as that, Garden Express Fundraising will take care of everything else for you!


Q6: Does Garden Express Fundraising offer bulb replacements?

Yes. Garden Express Fundraising offers you a 100% guarantee on all our products.

If your customers follow our growing instructions and find that some do not grow or flower for them within the first growing season, we are happy to organise replacements to be sent in the following season.


Q7: What do I do with my order when I receive it?

It is important to unpack your order immediately after receiving it from your organisation. Bulbs don't like to get damp, so it's a good idea to place them in a cool dry place until it's time to plant them. Some bulbs, such as tulips, benefit from being stored in the refrigerator for a number of weeks prior to planting so check the growing guide we provide you with before storing or planting.


Q8: How do I grow my bulbs?

Garden Express Fundraising provides every customer with free Growing Notes with their order. It outlines special requirements for all varieties, how deep to plant them, how far apart, when to plant them, and when they flower, plus heaps more tips and ideas. It's all you need to have fantastic colour in your garden this Spring.


Q9: Are the details of our buyers kept private?

We do not use details of buyers for any other purpose. Buyers are free to contact us to buy other products through Garden Express Fundraising if they wish and Buyers often request catalogues from us after they received their fundraising order.


Q10: What tips do you have for a successful fundraiser?


  1. Establish a clear goal for the fundraiser and set a target. For example:- $1,500 for gym or sports equipment. People respond better when they understand the objective.
  2. Distribute the brochures to all the members of your organisation e.g. students, staff, parents, relatives, etc.
  3. Actively promote the fundraiser. Use notice boards, newsletters, school assemblies, student made posters and SRC representatives to promote the fundraiser. Remember, promote your GOAL!
  4. Run the activity over 2-3 weeks. Any shorter and the students and other volunteers don't get organised, and longer and they lose the momentum and the forms.
  5. Reminders. These dramatically improve sales.
    There are two forms of reminders:
    - the organisational ones e.g. newsletters etc.
     - the personal ones. For example at one school they do 2 of these, the first one about halfway through the activity and the second, the day or two before the final closing day for the orders, personally go around to each classroom and reminding the students when they need to have the forms returned, where they have to take them to and what the goal of the fundraising is.
    We find this approach approximately increases the sales by about 2 times. It's important that this is done if you wish to maximize your profits.
  6. Collect the money with the completed order forms and group them into classes or other logical groups. Tally the results and complete the remittance form we provide you with, then include your remittance and order sheet (take a photo copy first) in the Express Post satchel provided. Ensure that all cheque payments are made out to your organisation. Problems occur when we receive a number of personal cheques from an organisation, sometimes they are dishonoured which makes it both difficult for us and yourself to administer a repayment.
  7. Hand out the orders. When you receive your orders, every single purchase will already be packaged into individual envelopes or boxes. Simply hand them out to the sellers (their name is on the package). The sellers will pass them onto the purchasers. In larger schools and organisations, sort them into logical groupings e.g. classes or locations (these will also be on the labels if provided to us) to make distributing them to the sellers easier to organise.
  8. Promote your success to your community and start planning for a bigger goal next time around!



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